What to Expect

What you can expect from Me:

Absolute discretion.  What happens in the dungeon, stays in the dungeon.  You can be assured that the details of our encounters, your identity, your kinks, etc will be kept absolutely private.

Communication.  Prior to sessions, there will be ample communication and negotiations to ensure that the session does not exceed your limits but also does not fall short of meeting your needs and expectations.

Safe practices.  I follow the principals of RACK (risk aware consensual kink).  What this means in terms of a session with Me is that prior to engaging in certain activities, you will be made aware of the potential risks of these activities.  To that end, however, I also ensure that risks are mitigated by being knowledgeable in the services I offer.

Professionalism and experience.  I have nearly 20 years of real life experience as a Dominant.  I am an expert in reading body language and setting an appropriate pace to each individual session.  I work out of a well stocked dungeon and I am very particular about the cleanliness of the tools and implements I use.

What I expect from you

Honesty.  Engaging honestly in communication and negotiations both prior to and during any session is of the utmost importance.  If you are not honest about your needs, they cannot be met.  If you are not honest about your limits, they cannot be respected.

Authenticity.  Similarly to honesty, if you are not authentic, you likely will not find satisfaction.  There is no one true way on how to engage in BDSM activities.  There is no one true way to behave.  Own who you are and what you need so that your needs can be met.

Trust.  To let go, to have the fullest experience, you are going to have to trust that I take your well being seriously and that any stated limits will be respected.

Cleanliness.  Please arrive to all sessions with a clean body.