Truly a master of her craft


Vancouver, BC
June 14, 2018
Ms. Blaze is truly a master of her craft. It’s immediately clear that although she’s a natural she’s honed her skills over many years and is constantly improving and developing them. Best of all it’s all natural and nothing is forced or feels like acting.
She knows exactly which buttons to push, where the limits are and how to approach them, crescendoing from the start right up until the limit then stretching a little past and bringing her toy back. She doesn’t go from 0 to 100 unless it’s planned and calculated.
It’s also not just what’s said but also what’s not said. This is a skill that is very hard to master. She doesn’t need to explicitly set out a scenario, the aura that she exudes in her domain and space implicitly establishes a lot already. It was easy slipping into sub space and freeing myself to her control letting her have her way with her cute little play thing.