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June 6, 2016

20160612_100609_1466016208109_resizedJust like most males, i started off with fantasizing about being locked up in a chastity belt. i wanted to feel what it was like to be locked away, owned and not be able to control that part of my body. i did a lot of research about the types of belts, as well as read stories about people’s experiences. So i jumped in and ordered a chastity belt online. i was so excited, nervous but this is what i have wanted for some time now. It arrived a week later and i opened the package and explored all the different pieces and what they did. i tried on the chastity to find the best suited size that was not only comfortable but tight. Over the next few days i tried wearing it as long as i could to get used to it. The extra weight now locked on me was not to bad but the constant erection i was trying to get cause quite some discomfort, i guess something that will get better once i am used to wearing it. By the second week the novelty had worn off and i say this only because i could unlock the belt when ever i wanted too. I was horny and touched myself quite a bit so the belt was not locked on for very long. I needed more, i needed someone to control my manhood.

This is when i met Ms Blaze. I had told her about my love for being locked up and i swear i saw a small evil smile. She was interested in being my keyholder and having 100 percent control over if, when and how i could have a release. We started off slow by doing a day or two, then a few days at a time. It was not too bad at this point only going a couple days, it was fun cause i knew it was coming off. Then Ms Blaze mentioned it was staying on 24-7. My cock was now hers. This got me really excited, this is what i wanted way back when, to be completely helpless. i am sure glad that the chastity belt fit so well and that it never did show under my pants or shorts. The chastity belt was with me everywhere i went. i had to learn to walk a bit different as well as sit down. There was also a learning curve to cleaning it properly. There were days i just wanted to rip the belt off and others i wanted to show everybody i was locked up by Ms Blaze. The chastity belt changed me for the better.

Ms Blaze was very strict when it came to keeping me locked up, i know i whined to have a release when i was horny, i am pretty sure that just added to the length in time to she decided to unlock me. It is funny how having someone with the key that controls your manhood you become more attentive more willing to please them. I was very proud to be locked up by Ms Blaze. I miss having her control me on a daily. i don’t think i ever admitted it but when she would unlock me for the day to have a release and clean myself, i felt naked with out my chastity belt locked on. If you ever get the chance to be locked up by anyone, Ms Blaze is very experienced and very passionate.

Paul, Surrey, BC

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