Scott Knight

Scott Knight is a man of many talents and desires. He stars in a number of hard core porn videos and you can often find him camming on Chaturbate. Scott is mature and charismatic and an expert at reading situations and body language. He knows instinctively when to bring on the charm or slide into sadism. Scott is fit and muscular and quite literally fucks like a porn star.

Scott’s specialties include whips, floggers and hands on impact play and he is an educator of these skills in his local community. He is well known for bringing women to orgasm with just the touch of his whips.

As a self-proclaimed sexual deviant, very few scenarios are off the table with Scott. He is an insatiable bull and works with Ms Blaze for any clients requesting cuckolding sessions. Feel free to ask about your specific fantasy.

Scott is also available for couples seeking an unforgettable MMF or FFM experience. He can be contacted directly at or through Ms Blaze’s contact page.