Fox is a multi-faceted little fox who wants to please, take pleasure and give you an experience you’ll not forget anytime soon.


Sadist, lover, primal predator, prey and all-around hedonist; Fox soaks up everything from the cruel and creative to the sultry and sensual. She savours hearing your deep desires and hidden fantasies. Fox’s motto is often “let’s get weird together”. As a primal switch, Fox has a deep passion for both dominance and submission, power exchange, service and good old rollin’ around on the floor types of debauchery.

She identifies as a pansexual, gender variant fox. Reaching only about 5’1 in height with a curvaceous body, deep brown eyes, tattoos, strong powerful legs and bright red hair, Fox prides herself on her unique out of the box style, and loves to express herself. Any day of the week she can be seen in a sexy little dress and stockings, or ripped jeans and band t-shirt rockin her favourite pair of combat boots. Fox’s closet is full of fun and freaky surprises.

Fox offers my talents to those who seek a unique and mutually beneficial experience. Respect and informed consent are a necessity. The more comfortable and safe she feels when with you, the more she want to do to you… and have done to her.

Working with Ms Blaze in either her capacity as a flirty submissive or a feisty dominant, you can expect a mind blowing session.  Fox can be contacted through Ms Blaze’s contact page.