Chastity Play

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Chastity was the very first fetish I “officially” dabbled in when I stuck my toes into exploring kink. This had everything to do with my first submissive – he was into it and I was brand new and eager to learn.

He pointed me to Altairboy ( which was filled with writings, device reviews and stories. I read all of it, shocked at how aroused I would get and how much I fantasized about locking up some slave’s cock and throwing away the key.

We began experimenting with different devices. And while he tried diligently to make his body comply, in the end we had to accept the fact that some bodies are just not able to accommodate devices full time. (As an aside, any device which traps the balls – and most do – are generally problematic because the device rubs and causes painful chaffing). Our relationship didn’t last long, but my love affair with chastity play was well and truly ingrained by the time we parted ways.

Not surprisingly, chastity isn’t a hugely popular kink, given that it involves taking away orgasms – the one thing that tends to motivate most men. But it was and has been a feature of my style of dominance since the very beginning of my journey.

Over the years, I have had amazing experiences with chastity play. I was fortunate to own a slave for over 5 years who was able to wear a chastity device full time. And it really was as glorious as I always imagined it would be. Controlling his manhood. Denying him sexual pleasure. Taunting him and denying him. Creating scenarios where he gave me pleasure at the expense of his own. Making him wait sometimes months between orgasms (and often ruining them). Getting him aroused while locked up so pleasure became pain.

I learned along the way that a device really isn’t necessary to get the same results and my love of tease and denial was born. But that is another story for another day.

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