About Ms Blaze

Even as a child, I knew that I was different. I had a burning desire to control others. An overwhelming need to torture and inflict pain which brought me so much pleasure. An unwavering inclination to lead, to dominate, to assume power. It has always been my nature and indulging in it and living it brings me endless pleasure and glee.

As I’ve grown into the lifestyle, it has become more and more a part of me. I am a sexy vixen and a devious seductress. I seduce submission and devotion from those who serve me and love developing long term arrangements with clients, slaves and submissives that satisfy both my deep seated needs and theirs. The goddess in me is always bubbling just beneath the surface of girl next door veneer. I am the ultimate juxtaposition of sweet, kind and giggly with cold, hard and terrifying. I hone in on exactly what is craved and deliver an unforgettable experience. Every subsequent experience with me builds on the last. I terrify those who need to feel fear, sweet talk those who need hand holding and sooth those who need to feel acceptance for indulging in needs they cannot control.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with both experienced clients as well as clients who are brand new to kink. I enjoy experienced clients not only because they are clear about their desires and know their limits but also because their experience allows for a less tentative, more authentic experience. Clients who are brand new to kink, on the other hand, are a joy to work with. To be their first experience with kink is extremely exciting. To watch and see fear, excitement and pleasure flash through their eyes is intoxicating. To discover their passions and needs and have the ability to feed those needs and passions is a powerful aphrodisiac.

My kink/BDSM journey has taken me down many exciting paths and provided me with varied, countless experiences. I have dabbled in so many different facets of kink that my repertoire of expertise is wide (as you will see on the “services provided” page). Some activities, of course, I love more than others.

Foot worship makes me melt. While it is a skill that can be taught, for some people it is passion that merely needs an outlet. A devoted foot fetishist will go a long way to satisfying my hedonism with toe sucking and sole licking and everything in between.

Chastity/keyholding, tease and denial and cuckolding are the perfect trifecta for me. To control someone’s pleasure is so incredibly powerful. Edging them to the brink of orgasm over and over again and then ultimately denying them, so they never really know when the next release will be.

Impact play is a well-honed skill for me. With 20 years of hands on experience and as many years amassing a collection of implements, no two sessions will be the same. From an over the knee open hand spanking to a deep bruising heavy impact scene, I can provide whatever level of sensation a client is seeking.

Cock and ball torture (CBT) isn’t for everyone. But for those who love it, I provide an intense and unforgettable experience. A session of CTB may include any of slapping, crushing, kicking, bondage, weights, electricity or sounding.

And finally, pegging tops my “top five” list. I have a variety of cocks for all experience levels and I know how to use them. Pegging can take so many forms, from sensual all the way to stretching for large toy insertion or fisting. I firmly believe that a man should be introduced to all the different kinds of pleasures that can be derived from his prostate.

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