Massage by Selene

Massage by Selene

Selene will be traveling to Vancouver march 21st – 25th. Book Today!

Travelling to Tofino or Ucluelet? Escape your worries and your cares and treat yourself to a blissful sensual massage from Massage by Selene.

How is this different from a spa or therapeutic massage? Simple… This experience is purely about pleasure. Troy and Selene are professionally trained in all facets of the art of sensual massage, from setting the scene with candles and incense to what types of oils to use and of course how to treat your body like a sacred temple. Make your stay on the West Coast a memorable one by experiencing the unforgettable bliss of sensual massage.

Are you travelling with your partner? Couples Massage is all about you as a couple and is based upon your desires and pleasure. There is a deep wealth of sensual and erotic experiences out there for you to experience together! Troy and Selene will be happy to massage both of you at the same time. Gaze into each other's eyes as your bodies are awakened by hot oils and sensual touch.

There are so many delicious possibilities… You can be massaged by Selene, Troy, or both of them. Imagine 4 hands on your body at the same time…. heaven!

To find out more about how a Tantric Massage can bring some spice and excitement into your life, visit our website or phone us at 1-250-522-0151. No texts please!

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